• UNCAL ESB is a platform for a complete Integration system to support digital transformation. It serves as your ultimate solution, enabling smooth and efficient communication between various systems, applications, and partners. Embrace the future of business connectivity and unlock new opportunities for growth. With UNCAL ESB, you can effortlessly implement digital business models, effortlessly interconnect all facets of your organization, and automate data transfers like never before. Experience the transformative power of system integration and revolutionize the way you do business.

  • All you need is One Single Platform
  • UNCAL ESB stands as a sign of simplicity and effectiveness. Imagine having all your integration requirements met under one roof – that's the power of UNCAL ESB. It connecting diverse systems or facilitating smooth communication, UNCAL ESB's unified approach ensures seamless interaction. No more juggling multiple tools or wrestling with compatibility issues. This singular solution bring together your integration needs, freeing your resources for strategic initiatives.

Flexible Data Exchange

We are provide to connect and "talk to each other" with variety system through UNCAL ESB supports all standard communication protocols, all message types (included B2B messages).

User Friendly

Inspired by what customer needs UNCAL ESB presents User Friendly feature with only by drag and drop and codeless in create structure, mapping processes and integrate scenario easy to use and speed up development time.

All in One Package

As an additional benefit to support business processes nowadays, UNCAL ESB is a complete solutions and a complete package for your integration needs.

Open Interoperability

We provides the capability for additional specific connector can be developed and deployed to UNCAL ESB. Communication with Variety Systems and/or Application (software) and Business Partners – Any System to any system, any message to any message.

Fast and clear implementation processes

We are proven by our performance result to converted messages and it takes even millisecond, NOT second.

Real time

UNCAL ESB can be accessed in real time to spur the growth of your business.

Fully web-based development tools.

UNCAL ESB with Fully web-based development feature to provide customer simplicity and efficiency by only insert the link to the browser, no client installation is needed.

Experience firsthand how UNCAL ESB brings together all your integration needs, simplifying complexity and empowering your organization to thrive.

Powerful Development Tools

We offer a comprehensive set of features designed to enhance business integration efficiency

  • UNCAL Administration (UA)
  • A web-based user interface. UA has functions to manage user and communication channels. Also for Configuration of email Alerting and Objects Transport.
  • UNCAL Data Mapping (UDM)
  • “User Friendly” tool consists of graphical based Data Mapping start from creating structures, mapping, up to testing.
  • UNCAL Business Process Management (BPM)
  • UNCAL Business Process Management (BPM) is a comprehensive and innovative solution designed to optimize, streamline, and automate your organization's business processes.
  • For monitoring all messages through the UNCAL ESB to the payload level.
  • UNCAL API Manager
  • UNCAL API Manager is a powerful solution that simplifies the management of APIs. APIs are the connectors that enable different software to work together seamlessly. UNCAL API Manager helps design, deploy, and secure these connectors.
  • UNCAL Runtime Engine
  • A server engine to execute Message Conversion and Message Transport.
  • We learned from what customer needs and give solutions for what is exactly they are needed with UNCAL ESB, let's start a digital transformation journey and drive your business forward.

Still don’t get what you’re looking for?

The process of integrating various applications together over a bus-like infrastructure. It functions to get the variety of systems and/or Applications (software) and Business Partners – Any System to any system, any message to any message “talk to each other”.
When the need for integrating applications grow, especially when business is growing rapidly and it drives a company to get an additional integration requirements, using multiple protocols and messages types. And it a must for Double manual entry systems also when there is too much efforts, Interfaces chaos and obsolete/outdated systems.
ESB control a variety of data communication flows, automate system A and system B entering data according to their respective formats, and convert message types automatically according to the needs. It can translate and bridge each integration technology from the application to be integrated in order to be read in each of those applications, even though using different standard web services.