Single platform for Digital Transformation

The increased influence of digital means organization now relies on a multitude of different digital tools to pursue their goals. Obviously, this is not a ground-breaking idea, businesses have always upgraded their tools, but the increased rate of innovation provided by digital transformation has accelerated the trend.

Without proper systems integration, all this technology remains disparate and unable to interact. When you're using so many different systems which aren't properly integrated, managing the business journey becomes unwieldy and disjointed. A big part of digital transformation is having the right integration technology in place to ensure you can quickly and flexibly connect and manage your full mix of digital tools and data, both cloud and on-premise applications.

UNCAL ESB is a platform that helps in implementing Business and System Integration. UNCAL ESB controls and automates any form of data transfer for all integration scenarios, simple and easy to use and powerful.


Easy to integrate between an SAP and NON SAP system with SAP Connector in UNCAL ESB

API Manager included

Supports all transaction protocols including: HTTP (s), (S) FTP (s), Web Service, REST, e-Mail, SAP IDOC / BAPI, database connections and IoT gateway

Parallel processes for Synchronous and Asynchronous communication

Full web-based development tools, no installation on the client is needed

Easy, fast, flexible and codeless with only drag and drop

Additional specific connector can be developed and deployed to UNCAL ESB

Structures for industry standards include: Edifact, IDOC, ANSI, VDA and SQL. Support XML, CSV, ISO 8583 and Inhouse fixed

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